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When life gives you lemons, make orange juice, and make life wonder how the FUCK you did it. Here’s what’s what: I go by many names: Becky, Beaks, Heart, Red, Squirrel, the Phantom Giggler, Teapot, Beckatron Farmfoods and (reluctantly) Pordie. I'm ginger. And proud of it! I'm from the BEST city in England, aka. NEWCASTLE! And no, I don't have a geordie accent. I have an older sister. I have two gorgeous miniature schnauzers called Fizz and Pepper. <3 I went to a private school for girls. And had a good time. And met some amazing friends. I went to Uni in York. I had an AMAZING time and loved it so much. And I met some amazing friends. I'm studying Archaeology. I love Japanese culture. I like Anime. And video games. So? I've worked in pubs since I was 16. I have a facebook addiction :/ I love dancing around to music in my room. I have a thing about punctuality. And quotes. I LOVE TAKING PHOTOS! :D Langwith till I die!

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I, Michael Bennett

I, Michael Bennett - James Patterson So, I got this for Christmas from my grandmother and chose as my next book to read on my breaks from work. I hadn't read any of the Michael Bennett books before so I was quite sure what to expect, although I have read a lot of other James Patterson books.

I, Michael Bennett follows NYPD Detective Michael Bennett as he leads a team to capture notorious and dangerous drug cartel leader Manuel Perrine when he briefly returns to the US. They succeed in arresting him, but Bennett's close friend Hughie McDonough is killed in the process. In prison, Perrine vows revenge against Bennett and his right hand woman Marietta (who is still at large) will be there to carry it out. Bennett tries to escape to the country with his ten children to escape the chaos, but that might not be as easy as it sounds...

I thought the premise sounded interesting, and the opening was good and gripping. But as the book went on not much really seemed to happen until the end. It was obviously supposed to set up another book(s) but I do really wish it had been a longer book and had carried on. It was just all a bit dull to be honest and not the mystery and thriller and chase that I thought was going to happen which would have made for a more interesting book. I thought the ending was just a bit weak and an obvious ploy to set up a next book to make readers want to buy that as well.

As I said in the beginning, I haven't read any of the other Michael Bennett books (I hadn't even heard of this series before getting this book) so I was obviously missing some details relating to Bennett's past and his family, and particularly his relationship to his nanny Mary Catherine, as there was obviously something going on there but I didn't really understand what. I thought the characters were fairly flat and unremarkable.

So yes, overall, I thought it was an okay book but somewhat uneventful and I felt that I just missed some stuff related to the characters. This didn't read like a James Patterson book that I was used to, and seemed like something you would expect from a more novice writer than experienced veteran author. Disappointing.