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When life gives you lemons, make orange juice, and make life wonder how the FUCK you did it. Here’s what’s what: I go by many names: Becky, Beaks, Heart, Red, Squirrel, the Phantom Giggler, Teapot, Beckatron Farmfoods and (reluctantly) Pordie. I'm ginger. And proud of it! I'm from the BEST city in England, aka. NEWCASTLE! And no, I don't have a geordie accent. I have an older sister. I have two gorgeous miniature schnauzers called Fizz and Pepper. <3 I went to a private school for girls. And had a good time. And met some amazing friends. I went to Uni in York. I had an AMAZING time and loved it so much. And I met some amazing friends. I'm studying Archaeology. I love Japanese culture. I like Anime. And video games. So? I've worked in pubs since I was 16. I have a facebook addiction :/ I love dancing around to music in my room. I have a thing about punctuality. And quotes. I LOVE TAKING PHOTOS! :D Langwith till I die!

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Cheryl: My Story - Cheryl Cole I've always quite liked Cheryl, even though some people hate her. I'm not entirely sure why I've always liked her, maybe it's because she was in one of my favourite girl bands when I was a bit younger, or she was just always so bubbly on X Factor or has had a hard life, or more possibly because she also comes from Newcastle upon Tyne and is a Geordie, like me. Either way, I've liked her, and so as soon as I heard she was releasing an autobiography, I knew I was going to have to read it at some point.

In this book, Cheryl tells her story. And as one review on the back cover says, it's "startlingly honest" throughout. Beginning with her childhood on an estate in Newcastle, Cheryl details the dramas of her youth and constant love of music and dancing, and how she finally found fame in Girls Aloud... but at a price.

I loved the book. I read it over the course of a few months on my breaks at work but I loved it all. It was easy to get quite caught up in it and I got sucked into it. It was nice to see her side of the story and the truth behind some of the stories printed about her in the press, and to see how much the press can twist the truth sometimes. It was also nice to just see the side of her that the public don't usually get to see. And you can just feel her personality oozing throughout.

Overall, a great read if you like Cheryl at all. Made me like her even more and also learned a lot more about her as well.