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Prodigy (Legend, #2) - Marie Lu This book was great, and so much better than Legend.

Prodigy continues the story of June and Day after their narrow escape from the Republic at the end of the last book. They've reached Vegas and they quickly find the Patriots, lead by a man called Razor. They're welcomed with open arms and immediately thrown into the Patriot's latest scheme - the old Elector has died, a new, younger one has just been elected... and the Patriots want June and Day to assassinate him. But it's not going to be easy and will test June and Day's relationship to the max, and not everything is quite what it seems to be...

In the last book, I complained that there were things about the world building that I thought weren't fully explained, such as why the Colonies and the Republic were at war, and it was nice that Lu went into such detail with this and explained it all. I also liked the realism of some of it as well, and that it wasn't all good v. bad - I liked that the Colonies weren't the perfect people that Day etc. thought they were, it was realistic. I'd be annoyed if it was the perfect Utopia.

It was a very fast paced book, and the pages just flew by. There was a lot of action and whilst I did wonder at how believable some of June's storyline was during the first half, I had completely gotten swept up and didn't actually mind too much by the end.

I liked how June and Day evolved in this book. They're very similar to how they were last book, but they're both trying to adjust to their new surroundings and situation and stuff, and it's nice to see them trying to learn from their mistakes, particularly June. Day was a bit annoying at times but I'll forgive him for it cos he realised by the end. I liked that Lu challenged their relationship as well, which was something I'd criticised for the last book as well. In Legend, it seemed as if they fell in love straight away and it was all a bit cliched. In this book though, they struggle, as they realise they come from completely different backgrounds and upbringings, and even though they've known each other just a short time they already have stuff in their shared past that will be hard to get past. I also kind of liked the little love triangle/square going on as well - I have to admit I was split for a good portion of the book as to whether I wanted June to be with Day or Anden, as Anden does seem really nice and charming (and I really hope Lu doesn't turn him into a total villian in the 3rd book!). I liked the conflict presented by the Day x Tess thing, but I hated that actual bit, as I think they're a terrible match and are much more like brother and sister. Tess was incredibly annoying in this book actually!

I also liked that June and Day were on a much more equal footing this time around as well. In the previous book, June seemed to be much more the powerhouse behind the duo, although Day was still pretty cool. But I liked that this time it was switched up a bit, highlighted by the section of June supporting Day in Vegas at the beginning, and then Day supporting June near the end. It was nice to see this switch, and that they need each other.

Also, the ending! Lu! What have you done!? I thought the ending was great, such a twist that I didn't really see coming until it was happening pretty much and quite heartbreaking. A great way to keep readers hooked and excited for book 3! Also opens up a lot of opportunities for further character development and developing June and Day's relationship.

Overall, I thought it was a superb book, fast paced and it built up and improved upon the first book. Great book, and I look forward to book 3!