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City of Bones - Cassandra Clare Okay, so I struggled in rating this one. If I could, I would've given it a 3.5 star rating. And my review is gonna be shortie by the way.

City of Bones is about 15 year old Clarissa 'Clary' Fray, daughter of Jocelyn, who goes to a teenagers club one night with best friend Simon, only to witness what appears to be a murder, only to find out that the murderers are actually Shadowhunters who go around fighting and stopping demons and other supernatural creatures. Clary is then drawn into their world, where she finds out she has more connections to it than she first thought.

I thought the story was a little slow initially, it spends a lot of time with Clary going around New York with Jace (the main male lead character) teaching her (and the reader) about this supernatural world and getting Jace and Clary to start to fall in love. I thought the final third of the novel was much better than the first two thirds, when the action kicks up dramatically. While I wasn't sure initially where exactly the story would be going with the first two thirds, it became obvious in this final part where it would be going in future books and I liked some of the twists that occurred here (although not all, at least not initially). I felt that some of the twists that Cassandra Clare introduces are quite unique for this genre and help to set it apart, and it's almost a shame that this couldn't have come earlier in the book to get me hooked earlier, although such a revelation also wouldn't have worked in the beginning of the book earlier.

Clary was quite a nice main character, I felt I ciuld sympathise with her quite easily, even if she was a bit dense at times. Jace was interesting but also incredibly annoying, something I hope he will grow out of eventually.

Overall, I felt quite indifferent about the book for the first half, and it took a while to grip me which only really happened in the last third of the book. I'm interested to see if the next book will build upon this one's foundations into something more enjoyable and gripping, something I wish this book had been.