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The Iron Daughter  - Julie Kagawa I really enjoyed this book, maybe not quite as much as the first but I enjoyed it none the less. Short review btw! Really, I wanted to rate this 3.5 stars.

The Iron Daughter continues the story of Meghan Chase, as she fulfills her deal with Prince Ash from the previous book and goes with him to the Winter Court and Queen Mab. Meghan struggles to cope there, but finds herself even more drawn to Ash, despite the fact Summer and Winter are forbidden to love each other. But after the Scepter of Seasons is stolen by the Iron fey (under a new Iron King) and Summer is blamed, Meghan has to race to find it and stop the Iron fey before the Nevernever is engulfed in war and destroyed...

I liked this book again. It was a good continuation of the previous one, featuring all the favourite characters from the first book and adding a few more. The story evolved and grew more and was interesting, even if it did stall a bit in the middle. Although I'm a bit unsure about the whole Meghan and Iron glamour thing... and I'm curious to see how it will all be explained in the next book. I'm guessing Meghan is somehow the next Iron Queen, but it's the why that I want explained. I also found the main story and action to be a bit less gripping and intriguing than the first book.

I kinda found Meghan a bit more annoying in this book than in the previous one to be honest. She seemed to be a lot more pine-y for Ash than she was in the first book and at times a bit more dumb, like, early on Ash tried to distance himself from her while they were in the Winter Court, and Meghan just moped that he had 'used her and played with her' and stuff, whilst it was quite obvious that he was doing it to protect her... I also kinda felt that Ash and Meghan's love seemed to grow and accelerate ridiculously quickly in this novel which annoyed me a bit. In the previous book I didn't get the Puck x Meghan relationship thing, and whilst I did see it a bit more this book I still don't really see it. Also, I didn't really see why the prom scene near the end was added in, other than to cause more teen-love-triangle drama.

But yeah, overall a good book. The main story was interesting, although not as interesting and gripping as the first, and Meghan seems a lot more immature and annoying this time around.