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Heir of Novron (The Riyria Revelations, #5-6) - Michael J. Sullivan Wow. What an outstanding book. I've loved this entire series but this final book was just even more amazing than all the others.

Heir of Novron is split into two books like the previous volumes and picks up right where the previous book left off: Hadrian and Royce have returned from their adventures in Tur Del Fur and now need to find the Heir. Arista, having tried to rescue Degan Gaunt from the Aquesta dungeons, is now imprisoned herself. Modina is still used as a puppet empress by Regents Saldur and Ethelred, aided by loyal friend Amilia, but is slowly growing out of her shell. All the events are accelerating and colliding, and as Esrahaddon warned in Emerald Storm in Rise of Empire, they need the Heir to find the Horn of Gylindora... because the Uli Vermeer is ending, and then no one will be safe...

Oh my god! This was just such a rollercoaster ride. The first book in this volume (Wintertide) as by far the shorter of the two but was by no means poorer in quality or less exciting. So much happened in this book and so many of sub-plots and stuff were brought to a conclusion, and some of the antagonists met their fate. Having said that though, it did kind of just feel like we were going through the motions and taking up time before we went into the final book. But the end of this book was just outstanding. It was literally one of the tensest endings to a book I think I've ever read! And I was so glad that I could dip straight into the next book after that. It was just exhilarating! And dark Royce was just scary... It was nice to see this side of him that had been hinted at for so long, but yeah... I never want to piss him off!

Percepliquis was a longer and even more exciting rollercoaster. I didn't even think it was possible for this series to become even more exciting but it did! It was a rollercoaster of emotion as well. Pretty much all of the minor characters from the previous books are revisited at some point which was nice to see, and it was nice that some had some nice character development even though it was the end of this series. It was nice to see more of characters like Mauvin and Alric too, and even Magnus. It was nice to see all these characters one last time, although unfortunately not all of these characters survive to the final page...

There were so many twists and turns as well in this book which sees the characters locate and explore the lost capital of Percepliquis, which I have been waiting for them to see since it was mentioned way back in book 1! But there were so many twists along the way. Some of them I'd guessed or suspected for a while and it was nice to see my theories slowly revealed, but there were some twists which I didn't see coming until they were happening which is good as well. It was just so exciting, particularly the revelation that Mercy was Mercedes and Royce's daughter I didn't see coming, and also that the Patriarch was an elf... just wow!

It was nice as well that Hadrian, Royce and Arista still grew and developed so much in this last book as well, even though this series is nearly at an end. Royce particularly had a lot more character development which is good, particularly since he arguably hadn't had as much character development up to this point.

I was also amazed at the world building, still. Partially in reflection over the whole series but also in this book alone. I was amazed to think back and reflect on how detailed a world Sullivan has built, and how intricate a story he has written as well. With some of the revelations in this book I thought back and could see the brickwork laid in earlier books but hadn't realised it. Sullivan has just thought out the whole history of everything and everyone so thoroughly, it was great to read.

Overall, an amazing end to an amazing series. It's just so exciting and well thought out and just... yeah. I've LOVED this series, one of my new favourite series!