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The Daylight War (Demon Cycle, #3) - Peter V. Brett Another great book from Peter V. Brett, who is clearly a very skilled and talented writer and world builder/developer.

The Daylight War picks up where The Desert Spear left off. Both Jardir and Arlen have faced and killed a coreling prince, a mind demon, and learned that come the next Waning of the moon, the nighttime war is about to change, and get a whole lot worse. And so they have a month to prepare their respective sides and prepare to face a now more organised and cohesive coreling army. If the different factions and sides of humans can stop fighting amongst themselves to do so...

Once again, Brett begins the book by taking us back to the past of a character we had already met but come to hate, this time Jardir's first wife and high priestess, Inevera. But unlike the previous book, Inevera's tale is spread out a little more throughout the book which I liked more than it being in one big dump at the beginning. I liked Inevera's tale. It wasn't as long as Jardir's origin story or quite as complicated or involved, as it didn't need to do as much setting for Krasia, but it did make me understand and come to respect Inevera, and even like her more than I did previously. It humanised her a lot more.

I liked the development of most of the characters, particularly Rojer, Amanvah and Sikvah, but also smaller characters like Wonda and Gared. I still dislike Renna, but that might just be me. Leesha is becoming more annoying and idiotic I feel as the book progressed, and Arlen has become a bit more annoying as well with his huge personality change in this book but it is a nice development for his character.

This book is a lot more focused on political intrigue and struggles between different people and factions, rather than against the corelings, which makes sense considering the title of the book and what it means/represents. There was not as much of an actual war between the Thesans and Krasians but you could feel the tension throughout. This book was much more about the people in charge and their attempts to organise their people and one-up each other to gain the upper hand. I enjoyed it, but I do know some people may not like all the political intrigue as opposed to the more coreling-based drama.

Don't get me wrong though, the Corelings still play their part and have become a more menacing threat as they start to become more organised under the mind demons, and become a very serious opponent when Waning comes... and it can surely only get even worse in the next book.

And what an ending! AHHH!

Peter V. Brett, please release the next book now!

Overall, a great book and continuation of the series.