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Frostbite (Vampire Academy, #2) - Richelle Mead The second book in Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy series.

Frostbite picks up shortly after where the first book left off. Rose continues her training to become a guardian for her Moroi vampire best friend Lissa, who is learning to cope with her new powers and their side effects. The Christmas holidays are coming up which should be a fun time of year. But a terrible Strigoi (evil vampire) attack nearby sets the entire Moroi world on edge, and they gather at a luxury ski resort for Christmas. Rose and Lissa must now mingle with the aristocrats of Moroi society, including the charismatic Adrian Ivashkov who seems drawn to the pair. But Rose must also contend with her guardian mother Janine, with whom she has a troubled relationship, as well Moroi Tasha, who is after the man Roses harbours secret feelings for, Dimitri. But things only get worse when three friends go seeking revenge and adventure... and Strigoi...

It was a good book, I liked it. Rose continues to be a feisty main character, with a lot more emphasis placed on her this book than Lissa. Lissa was a lot less emotionally bipolar in this book, presumably because of the medication she was put on at the end of the last book, but also possibly because we saw less of her. Either way it was nice, as her becoming drastically upset at the slightest thing in the previous book was quite annoying.

Like I said, this book focused largely on Rose, her romantic dramas (yes, plural... my god this girl...) and the increasing Strigoi threat, which are things touched upon and mentioned in the first book, but weren't really the focus of it. Lissa's magic and the spirit element, as well as the pairs bond and the whole shadow-kissed thing took a definate back seat in this book. They're still mentioned and the plot progressed slightly, presumably to be examined further in the next book(s) which was good, but they were the focus which was kind of nice in itself. It was nice to focus on something else actually. I was really intrigued by Adrian's spirit abilities, particularly the dream aspect and wonder if this will help towards Lissa accessing her half of the bond to Rose fully... I also was intrigued by Adrian observing that Rose is surrounded by shadows and the implication that Rose is taking Lissa's spirit side affects and negative emotions and I look forward to seeing how this is developed in future books.

Rose's flip-flopping about boys was kinda annoying, but I suppose fairly typical for a teenager and YA fiction. Dimitri was also annoying in regards to this but I suppose conflict and drama was needed...

I liked the end third-ish of the novel. It was really dramatic and it was interesting and good to see some actual Strigoi (instead of just newly turned Natalie at the end of the last book). Definately made the whole threat a lot more real. And what a sad ending! :'(

Overall, it was a pretty good book. It touched upon some themes and ideas that will slowly be advanced in future books obviously, where as Rose's drama takes the centre stage this time instead, which is okay but somewhat annoying. It was a good continuation of the series and advancing certain ideas, and I can't wait to see how this evolves in the next book.