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Queen of the Damned - Anne Rice The Queen of the Damned is the 3rd in Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles series. Having read both 'Interview with the Vampire' and 'The Vampire Lestat', i was looking forward to reading this book. Overall, I enjoyed the Queen of the Damned, and anyone who has read the previous two books probably will as well, but found it was a little disappointing and underwhelming. It was still very enjoyable however, but think I preferred listening to the stories of Louis and Lestat in 'Interview' and 'Lestat' more personally.

Mild Spoiler warning! - I'll talk vaguely about what happens in the book from here until the last paragraph, but not reveal directly what happens, so please skip to the last paragraph if you don't want to know anything.

This book follows immediately on from 'Lestat', where Lestat has awakened the 6,000 year old mother of all vampires, Akasha (the titular Queen of the Damned), with his rock music and she is coming to destroy them all. The book actually starts with 7 separate narratives told by different characters, revealing their experiences in the nights leading up to where 'Lestat' left off, which was initially annoying as I wanted to read about what happened to Lestat, but was actually quite interesting as it set the scene and introduced me to the various mysteries surrounding the vampire community and other important characters. Then the narrative rejoins Lestat and other important characters (both from previous books and the first part of this book) to show what happens after Akasha has been reawakened.

Overall, the book was really good and interesting, and although it lacks the centuries spanning tales that I think made 'Interview' and 'Lestat' so gripping as it is all set in the modern day, it does contain a long sojourn where a character reveals what happened 6,000 years ago which was interesting.

From the blurb on this book and the impression I had after 'Lestat', I was expecting there to be a lot more action and drama in this book, particularly at its conclusion. While there were action scenes spread throughout the book, it was not as action-orientated as I was expecting, and the final confrontation with Akasha largely began with the main characters all sat around table talking and debating. Maybe this is just Anne Rice's style however, as to be fair I don't remember huge action scenes (although there are some) in the previous two books.

Mild spoiler warning over!

Overall, I enjoyed the Queen of the Damned, and it was an enjoyable book in this series. However, I personally enjoyed 'Interview' and 'Lestat' more, as I think I preferred following the tales of Louis and Lestat from their beginnings over the centuries, as I think I found that more intriguing. It's still a good book though, and anyone who has read the previous two books will enjoy this as well.